ERN004-PC (Tarutaru)
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Disassembling of Shuttle Xpc
This time I use Shuttle Xpc for basic parts and materials.
Disassemble Xpc into individual parts.

Making of the frame
Take out the motherboard from Xpc and make a base with aluminium stay appropriate for the size of motherboard.
Make a frame structure of vinyl chloride pipes around the motherboad base.
At this stage you have to decide the final layout of parts according to the planned shape of your case.

Modelling of Styrene Foam
Stick together the styrene foams so that they contain the frame inside.
Curve the styrene foam block with knife.

Modelling with Micro-Hollow-Globular-Resin-Clay
Curve the styrene foam block into the planned shape and put the MHGRC on it. Make a detailed surface modelling. I set a opening hatch on Tarutaru's forehead which enables one to make access to inner drives.
Openings for power-supply and connecting are made on the back of the head.

Finish of modelling
Ears are made separalely : they are detatchable.
Having finished clay modelling, use sand papers for surface finishing.

Whitewash the surface with Turner-Neocolor to form a base. Proceed to painting.

The head can be disassemled it to these parts.

Feature 1
Connecting devises on the back of the head with power supply below them.
Power switch on the nose. LEDs for HDD and POWER in the eyes.
Reset switch on the back of the head.

Feature 2
Forehead hatch.
Remove the styrene and you can easily exchange parts
Large hole is hidden by the back hair which operates as an heat exhaustion.


Exhibited at ATI's Booth on Tokyo Game Show 2003
At Tokyo Game Show 2003, from 26th to 28th Sep. (in Makuhari-Messe).
Exhibited at the booth of ATI Technology Japan, Inc.


CPU Intel Pentium 4 2.40c GHz
M/B FB61 (shuttle Xpc)
Memory 512MB DDR PC3200
HDD Maxtor Diamond Max Plus9 80GB S-ATA
DVD-RW BenQ 5224P
Power supply ACHME AM630BS20S 200W
Produced by Matsumura Katsuya (S.A.E..)