ERN003-PC (La Vie en Rose)
made for the feature "Bistro DIY" in Monthly PC-DIY Nov.issue 2003.
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Making of the frame
1 Make a motherboard base with aluminum stays.
2 Make a frame with vinyl chroride pipes appropriate for the size of motherboard.
3 You have to see that the parts would settle on the frame properly.

Basic modelling with styrene foam
4 Stick together the styrene foams so that they contain the frame inside.
5 Curve the styrene foam block with knife.

Making of the details
6 Make hands. Aluminium chords are put inside in the fingers.
6 Make a hair. Stick many small styrene blocks to produce thickness.

Surface modelling with clay
7 Having finished basic rendering with styrene, put micro-hollow-globular-resin-clay on it for suface modelling.

8 Having finished sand paper working on the surface, paint white with material such as Turner-Neocolor.
9 Frames can be painted by lacquers.

Assembling of the parts
10 Assemble the parts.
11 Make a switching devise.

Confirmation of the operation
12 Confirm the operation as PC.

13 It's finished. Took almost a week.


CPU VIA C3 1GHz Nehemiah
M/B VIA EPIA M10000 (C5XL)
Memory DDR SDRAM 256MB
HDD Maxtor Fireball3 40GB
Power supply TORICA MPW-200NH (MicroATX 200W)
Produced by Matsumura Katsuya (S.A.E..)