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ERN002-PC (Maya) Draughts for Imaging
2003.05 2003.05 2003.06
Draughts in the articles of Monthly PC-DIY.

May 2003.
Making of the frame.

June 2003.
Modelling with styrene foam, first stage.

July 2003
Modelling with styrene foam, second stage.

Exhibition of ERN002-PC "Maya" the human shaped pc-case
at The Wonder Festival 2003 Summer, Aug. 3rd.
photos by courtesy of Miss Kanna Higashi
photos by courtesy of Hiiragi-san
The third photo shows Maya Zalnard in "Jabonia" series of S.A.E., the original form of PC Maya.

August 2003.
Making of hands and face. Modelling with micro-hollow-globular-resin-clay.

September 2003.
Assembling of the Advanced Heat Piping made by Mr Chandller Morimot.

October 2003
[10-01.JPG] [10-02.JPG] [10-03.JPG] [10-04.JPG] [10-05.JPG]
Left : a pile of micro-hollow-globular-resin-clay bought at 100-yen shop (Japanese equivarent of 10-cent store)
It took much time to form feet; the balance of soles are crucial for stable standing.
[10-06.JPG] [10-07.JPG] [10-08.JPG]
Scenes from the trial testing for two foot standing.
The original stability had been lost for the introduction of AHP : I had to adjust the balance of Maya from scratch. And she stood stout and strong, to my relief.
[10-16.JPG] [10-17.JPG] [10-13.JPG] [10-14.JPG] [10-15.JPG]
Making of details
[10-09.JPG] [10-10.JPG] [10-11.JPG] [10-12.JPG] [10-18.JPG]
[10-19.JPG] [10-20.JPG] [10-21.JPG]
Now emerges the whole appearance.

November 2003
[11-01.JPG] [11-02.JPG] [11-03.JPG] [11-04.JPG] [11-05.JPG]
Setting of cables and HDD.
the procedure : firstly, disjoint the pelves part. Then set the HDD and re-form it.
Confession : I broke a HDD in this stage.
[11-07.JPG] [11-08.JPG] [11-09.JPG] [11-10.JPG]
Setting of the optical disk drive.
Cut out the back and set the drive.
[11-15.JPG] [11-11.JPG] [11-12.JPG]
Seting of the receiver-unit for the wireless keyboard and mouse.
[11-13.JPG] [11-14.JPG] [11-16.JPG] [11-18.JPG]
Making and modification of the details.
[11-17.JPG] [11-19.JPG] [11-20.JPG]
Scenes from painting procedure.,

November 2003, Completion of the appearance, almost
[11-21.JPG] [11-22.JPG] [11-23.JPG] [11-24.JPG] [11-25.JPG]
[11-26.JPG] [11-27.JPG] [11-28.JPG] [11-29.JPG] [11-30.JPG]
[11-31.JPG] [11-32.JPG] [11-33.JPG] [11-34.JPG] [11-35.JPG]
[11-36.JPG] [11-37.JPG] [11-38.JPG] [11-39.JPG] [11-40.JPG]
[11-41.JPG] [11-42.JPG] [11-43.JPG] [11-44.JPG] [11-45.JPG]
[11-46.JPG] [11-47.JPG] [11-48.JPG] [11-49.JPG] [11-50.JPG]
Appearance almost completed.
She has yet to pass a trial to be confirmed as an operational PC.

December 2003
[12-01.JPG] [12-02.JPG] [12-03.JPG]
I took Maya to the editing office of PC-DIY in Tokyo : after that, I paid a visit to the office of Mr Chandller Morimoto, the mad scientist--cooling king--the manufacturer of AHP system. He gave me the fans as a gift, which came to resolve the last difficulty of cooling Maya.
[12-04.JPG] [12-05.JPG] [12-06.JPG] [12-19.JPG]
Improving of the radiating unit set in Maya's head -- triple fans with heatsink.
Setting of the heat exhausting fan at the thigh joint
[12-11.JPG] [12-07.JPG] [12-08.JPG] [12-09.JPG] [12-10.JPG]
Setting of the power-switch, reset-switch and LED.
[12-12.JPG] [12-13.JPG] [12-14.JPG] [12-15.JPG]  [12-16.JPG]
[12-17.JPG] [12-18.JPG]
Now operational, Homo Computis Personae Erectus !
Can you see the functioning of AHP set onto the motherboard in the chest? Liquid sealed in the tube goes upward in bubbles due to the heat of CPU.
Also some modelling/modification were made during the operation testing.

Photos of Maya by courtesy of Monthly PC-DIY
[a-01.JPG] [a-02.JPG] [a-03.JPG] [a-04.JPG] [a-05.JPG]
[a-06.JPG] [a-07.JPG] [a-08.JPG] [a-09.JPG] [b-01.JPG]
[b-02.JPG] [b-03.JPG] [b-04.JPG] [b-05.JPG] [b-06.JPG]

Exhibition Show of Maya in 27th Dec., 2003 (Akihabara, Tokyo)
Photos by courtesy of Mr Shinnichi Ito
[c-02.JPG] [c-04.JPG] [c-05.JPG]
chest cover off. myself (embarrasing...)
[c-06.JPG] [c-07.JPG] [c-08.JPG] [c-09.JPG] [c-10.JPG]
Mr Chandller Hand: rough finishing joint part of arm
[c-11.JPG] [c-12.JPG] [c-13.JPG] [c-14.JPG] [c-15.JPG]
inside view trying to get hair off scalp and face off fans are revolving AHP operational
[c-16.JPG] [c-18.JPG] [c-20.JPG]
drive on back opening of the drive an inside thigh Bizarre...

Dec., 2003.
CPU VIA C3 1GHz Nehemiah
M/B VIA EPIA M10000 (C5XL)
Memory DDR SDRAM PC2100 512MB
HDD Maxtor 6Y120P0 120GB
Power suplly ACHME AM630BS20S 200W
Cooling system AHP (Advanced Heat Pipe) produced by Mr Chandller Morimoto
Produced by Matsumura Katsuya (S.A.E..)